Sunday, May 3, 2015

Papa's Past

Joe Wilson
P. 5

Papa’s Past

In english, I was assigned to interview someone over sixty for a project that we were going to do. After thinking about it, I chose to interview my grandfather, whom our family calls “papa.” He is about 78 years old and grew up selma, California. He also has an amazingly interesting background, as he grew up in a tent as a child but became successful as an adult, by getting job as a banker and being the only one in his family to go to college . He is very tan, is mexican, is bald except for a thick silver ring going around the back of his head, and is overall a very wonderful person.
He was in seattle at the time of the call, saturday, seeing my cousins. I arranged to have him call our house phone when he was open. When he did call, my dad found the phone and handed it over to me. i then proceeded to our living room where i put the phone on speaker and asked him some questions. I was mainly interested in stuff that i could not have experienced, like colored tv or life without all the electronics people had today. During the interview, he seemed to have a hard time explaining his feelings, but he seemed happy to be answering the questions.

ME-So, first question-what was your reaction to first seeing colored tv?
PAPA-I thought it was very… awesome, and new. It was also very pretty, because it was colorful, and just very amazing. Very shocking.

ME-And so you thought it was awesome and pretty because you’ve never seen that before?

PAPA-Well, no, i’ve seen it in movies, just never before on tv.
ME-Ok so, next question. I was talking to someone about JFK’s assassination, and they said that it made lots of people cry. why do you think his death had such a great impact on everybody?

PAPA-because it was very sudden, he was very well liked by a lot of people, he was young and a popular person, he had a good looking family so it was a shock to everybody.
ME-right, but if i knew someone who was popular and looked nice, I wouldn't necessarily be crying.

PAPA-well, he made a lot of plans, he was the first president to say we were going to the moon, and you know, his life was cut short while he was still carrying out those plans. When he was assassinated, all the plans that everyone expected him to do was then cut short.

ME-Were you among these people?
PAPA-Well, yes. The whole country was very sad.
Me-Ok, third question. How did you entertain  yourself as a child compared to kids today?

PAPA-We were always outside, always with friends. We used to play hide and seek, we used to climb trees, play kick the can, and also invented a lot of games. We did a lot of things ourselves, as a group of kids. We’d just get together in a group and go off and do whatever we wanted. Going to the movies was a treat, we rarely went. We played marbles and made lots of tops.
ME-So, what were your parents like?

PAPA-They were well liked. My dad was very well liked, he had a lot of friends, but he died very young, when I was 14 and he was 50. He was kind, gentle, and nice, while my mom was more of the enforcer, and laid the law.
ME-Ok, final question. Do you think kids, when you were a kid, do you think they had more freedom than they do now?

PAPA- Yes, definitely yes, because we did not have the media, or the tv telling us all these stories of kids getting molested and stuff like that. we walked to school by ourselves, we’d leave in the morning and then come back in the afternoon. We, we definitely had more of an independence. But, we were always very respectful of our parents and other adults

ME- do you think that something that contributed to that was how, now that kids have tv and video games, the parents get more accustomed to having their kids stay at home, thus when they want to do something away from the house, they feel less comfortable letting them.

PAPA-Well, maybe, but i think the main reason is that you had the media where you learned all these terrible things going on, and they get scared that it might happen to their children. But, my parents didn't see that. Im sure bad things were happening to other people but we didn't see that, unlike now where you have tvs and radios telling you every day about these things happening to young kids, so they werent as afraid as they were now.

ME-do you think that’s a good thing, or a bad thing that parents have become more protective of their children?

PAPA- ...Thats a tough one. Um, yes and no. Kids need to be careful of their surroundings, and now they have telephones so that parents can keep track of them. It used to be that we just went off and did our thing, which wasn't very safe.

I then told him that it was the end of our interview, thanked him for his time, and hung up once we had both said goodbye. I thought his answers about his past were very interesting. Because of no electronics, you were always outside doing stuff, unlike nowadays where most kids sit inside and watch tv, and it was a lot more of a unaware world.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Odd

In chapter 3 of the book, The Gardener, Mason follows the girl out of the facility and decides to bring her to jack's cabin to have more time to decide whether or not. He discovers that this girl definitely isnt normal from the fact that she threw Mason over a wall with ease, but didn't know how to put on a dress. This definitely made me think that something was not normal about this girl. She was also very paranoid and thought she recognized the lights at TroDyn, which is also very easy to see that she has some connection to TroDyn. Now, its easier to connect the dots with everything. Mason's dad is connected to the blue butterfly like on the girl, the girl is connected to TroDyn, Mason's mom worked at TroDyn. So, mason's mom must have left there because of either the girl or Mason's Dad, But you can tell that Mason's Dad is either a very important person at TroDyn, or is the same type of thing as the girl. Im guessing the girl was grown at TroDyn because of the fact that the title page says "this greenhouse grows humans," that she recognized the TroDyn lights, and that she has circular scars covering the back of her legs (the character on the title page has vines and tubes growing out or the back of their legs).

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Girl

In chapter three of the book, The Gardener, Mason goes into his mom's workplace and has a talk with her about why she made the decision to stop working at TroDyn to find a group of people with blank faces sitting in a row, one of which is a really pretty girl. when Mason plays his special tape, the girl wakes up not knowing anything except that she needs to get away from something called the gardener, and she has a butterfly tattoo on her arm like his dad does. Obviously, this girl has a connection to Mason's dad, and she's not normal. What if Mason's dad is like the girl? im also wondering who this gardener character is. It's plain to see that the gardener works at TroDyn, and that the girl was somehow affected by this guy. I predict that this girl was like the character on the title, who grew in a greenhouse instead of the normal way. But Mason's dad looks to old to be part of those teenager's generation. Maybe he now works at TroDyn? MAybe thats why his mom left TroDyn?

The Reveal

In chapter 2 of the book, The Gardener, Mason's mom sees the application to go to an extracurricular summer program run by a company that she absolutely despises and firmly declines to let him go there. Mason also takes a step deeper into discovering his past when he discovers an envelope in his mother's personal cabinet that says that she has a masters and worked for the company she now hates. the chapter finishes when mason goes into his mom's workplace, a caretaking central, to find her. What I am wondering, probably as the author intended the reader to, is what made Mason's mom hate TroDyn so much? I'm predicting that she left because she found out that they were doing weird things like growing humans (hence on the title page where it says "this greenhouse grows humans"). Another thing i was thinking about is why is the company that Mason's mom work for so locked up? He needed to sneak in, get a disguise, there was a restricted access on people, and everything. Is no one aloud at all to go up there? Why? is there some sort of stuff that no one is supposed to see?

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Scar

I have started a new book called The Gardener by S. A. Bodeen. In chapter 1 and the prologue, you discover that the main character (Mason) gets his face messed up when he was in kindergarten, and on that day he sees a tape of his mysterious long lost dad. Now he is a tall, quiet high schooler were you discover he has a passion for biology and wants a scholarship to college. In the passage i read, he clearly states that his dad has no distinct qualities at all, except for a butterfly tattoo he has up his sleeve. What I'm wondering is that will this tattoo have a big affect on the rest of the story? perhaps it represents a club or something? What if its just a way that mason eventually identifies his dad? Anyways, another thing i noticed about this chapter is that Mason's biology teacher has a lesson on a snail that photosynthesises, and states that he has heard rumors of people who claim to be able to do the same thing. Not only this, but the cover of the book has a green plant-ish person walking with vines and tubes coming out of its legs, and has a caption that says "this greenhouse... grows humans," and even the title itself is called "the gardener" so, i think those two topics are related and that that first snail concept that the author put in in the beginning is just so the reader gets hinted on what the book has a relationship to.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Parenting Teens

The next subject of this series is that teens should be required to take parenting classes. This one is would make a good debate, but my opinion falls to the not required side. In my view, this would be kind of unfair to some people because a lot of people never have kids. Plus, if you'll be able to take classes like this when you're an adult, and if you are aware that you are going to have a child, you have nine months to prepare for it anyways. I do believe, however, that kids who want to take this class have the option to. This is an important class for people, but they really should have to take it if they really don't want to. I also believe that if a teen is pregnant the circumstances have changed, and that person should be required to take these classes because this person probably isn't the smartest nor the most responsible.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Too Much of a Good Thing

Today's topic is that too much money is a bad thing. To me, no. This is an easy debate. I think that any money is a good thing. I would save it all for later when i really need it and pull it out then. But, I guess whether or not money is a good thing or a bad thing just depends on the person. A person who's smart with their money will save it, and put it where it needs/should go. But, someone who isn't smart and is stupid with that money will probably end up wasting it all and looking dumb. I guess you may think that you will have more attention for money and less for family, but if anything, you get to have more time with your family because you have enough money to supply yourself. Plus, you could buy more things you wanted, and when did supplying yourself with things you want be a bad thing? So for me, when it comes to money, too much of a good thing isnt a bad thing.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Family Time in the Snow

So, for today's entry, the website said that snow days are great for family quality time. Well, I don't understand why you would have to debate about this, because I don't believe its important enough a topic to actually have to debate about. I also don't see how a snow day would affect quality family time. On a snow day, it's still totally possible to go and hang out with your friend and go sledding instead of just playing video games. And if you're more of the person that likes to stay home and play video games, that's exactly what you're going to do. I guess it would make your mom maybe feel more inclined to have everybody come together to watch a movie, but I don't think that it would really make much of a difference.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Sagging Pants

Today, I was trying to figure out what to write about. Then, i had the idea to make each kbar day to be a small essay on each subject i found on a persuasion essay website, and i can't look anything up. I found a page by that had 100 diffierent topics, so im starting off on the first one, which says "Droopy pant laws are unconstitutional."

First off,  didn't even know they had laws regarding droopy pants. Im guessing that if they do, its something like "no wearing pants that show the skin on the back of the thighs" or something. Anyways, I think that this is constitutional, for multiple reasons. If they were going to have freedom of clothes in the constitution, it would be in the first amendments, and it isn't there, which means that the government can make any law they want regarding clothes. Now, that doesn't mean they are going to make super strict laws, like you must wear one specific type of clothes every day, because that would just be unreasonable. Eventually, more and more people would get angry and demand change, and it would. But, we don't want naked people running around either, because that would just be nasty. Besides, who's going to fight to have droopy pants anyways? Those people probably wont care or put much effort into that anyways.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

German's World (During WWI)

In today's entry, I was looking around for some articles because I wasn't interested to know what was the jewish lifestyle while living in germany,but the lifestyle of the blonde-hair, blue-eye german that Hitler wanted the world to be. I was interested to know if they were treated very good, lived in nice homes had a good education and had lots of freedoms, or if they had little liberties, lived in small, bad homes, and had a bad-ish education, which was just good in their opinion compared to the jews. I flipped through a couple websites, but the only thing i found was a little website that said (if im correct) that they were treated nicely, just some were ashamed of being a german. But, this may be when a german moved out of germany during that period, because it also said that girls were eager to lose their maiden name. It wasn't really clear to me.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Tight Rules

Today when I started this entry, I was thinking about the rules that the nazis enforced on the jews, and I had two questions- what was the worst rule and what was the intensity of the average rule? These were things that my english teacher didn't explain to me, or if he did I wasn't paying attention. So, I went on google and found an article about the rules enforced by nazis. After seeing the whole list, it was hard for me to decide what was the worst, so I imagined myself in their situation and thought "which law would I be most against?" I finally decided that it was that you were to be unemployed, because 1. It was one of the first laws, which would have hit you pretty hard. 2. Now, you have just lost your only source of pay. To me, these two reasons have more power than others.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Nazis and Romanis

So, for today's entry, I was looking around on google for something in relationship to the nazis, and i found that nazis not only had the goal to exterminate jews, but also to exterminate physically and mentally handicapped, but to also exterminate the Romani. I had no idea what romani was. So, i searched up on google- 'romani,' found the wikipedia page and discovered that the romani is a race that originated from india. I thought about this and concluded that the nazis tried to eliminate them because they didnt look like the blonde hair, blue eyes look. This basically only proves how terrible these people are though.

Monday, March 2, 2015

The New Meaning to Camp

In class, we are reading a book called Maus, the story of a jewish man and his experience with the holocaust. In the first part of the book he mentions concentration camps. Me, not knowing what (further than a camp where the nazis held the jewish) a concentration camp was, went on wikipedia and searched up concentration camps. Apparently, there is more than one. there are ones that have jews do extreme work called labor camps, one that "re-educates" polish people,  hostage camps, transit camps, POW camps and finally extermination camps, where they immediately killed them. This made me think- what made the difference between sending a jew to a labor camp or an extermination camp? Was it what they did as a person like if one fought the jews in a war or if they were just a plain citizen? In the end, did the nazis just send you away regardless if you did anything or not, or did they just made the rules very strict and anything you did sent you off? I guess ill just have to keep reading...

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Giver Movie and The Giver Book

Recently, I read and watched both the movie and book of the giver. So, the question I am going to solve is this- Which is better, the movie or the book? In my opinion, the people who made the movie were very good at presenting this movie, and bringing some new and different things to the table that the book didn't. But, this only means that the book did the same thing. So, here are some reasons the book is better, and some reasons why the movie is better.

Firstly, one of the things that made the movie better was the romantic relationship. Good move by the makers because- who wants to see a twelve year old crush on a girl, when we can have a 16 year old relationship? This probably brought in a lot more audience than the book did, and added some drama to it, which in my opinion is a good thing.

The second thing thats better in the movie is the ending. Now, i bet half of you disagree with me, and I see why you would think that. But, the point that i'm trying to make is that the ending is a lot more satisfying. I loved the book ending, don't get me wrong, it was mysterious, vague (in a good way) and hooking. But in the movie it had a better feeling of closure, which I enjoyed more. Now, if you're saying "Well, there are other books in the series besides that book, so they had to do that to keep the series rolling." I see what you're saying, but i'm just talking about this movie and this book.

Finally, Third reason is that it was more dramatic. In the Movie, they threw in a lot more dramatic issues in, giving it a more 'on the edge of your seat' feeling. In the movie, They put in a villian, in the ending scene where they to race to the finish so that Fiona wouldn't get released, theres a prohibited relationship, and more. So, it takes away that kind of bland boring feel.

Now to get started with the good things about the book. First off, one thing that I hate about the movie is screwing up my vision of the book. When i read a book, i always have this vision of what it is, and then the movie comes in and kills it all. The same thing happened to me in the book, Despereaux. I saw the movie first and the book after, and everything I imagined was like the movie, which really bugged me because in that movie Despereaux had a really weird, nasally adult voice. Anyways, this happened to me with the giver too. As I'm sitting here typing this, I'm imagining Jonas as I did when I was reading it, but all that's coming up is the movie character's face. And this is an extremely important reason too, because it bugs me out a lot. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but some words put together can paint a thousand pictures.

The second thing that the movie takes away is the small things. As i said, the makers did an extremely good job at fitting things in, but books can be from 10 pages long to 1,000. and movies can't fit all that in. It's impossible without making multiple movies (which is bad) or taking things out (also bad). plus, the movie makers have to change things around to make it doable. for instance, you couldn't put the shower dream in the movie, but thats an essential part of the book they left out. And thats one of the annoying things while watching a movie based off the book- you always spot out the changes they make.

So, there are the Big reasons that compare the two. In favor of the movie, there was the romantic relationship, the more satisfying ending, and more drama; and in favor of the book there was a better image of how you saw it and that they had evreything while the movie cut some out. There were more movie reasons, but the book reasons were slightly stronger. But, in conclusion, I feel that the movie won. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Red Part of Me

There is a relationship between the color red and three aspects of my life. these three aspects of my life are boy scouts, rugby and karate.
To start, boy scouts is an important aspect of my life because it definitely helps me to become an overall better person. Red can represent boy scouts because of their neckties. some troops have multi colored neckties, solid neckties, or neckties with special designs. But In our Troop, we have just solid red neckties.
Next, Rugby is an important aspect of my life because it is one of the only sports i have a passion for, plus a lot more fun than any other, thus making it my favorite sport. In rugby, we play against different towns which all have their own jersey design. San luis Obispo’s jersey has a white collar and a solid red base, thus making it red.
Finally, for the final aspect of my life, there is karate. Karate plays an important role in my life because it builds my relationship with my dad and, well, its a lot of fun. How Is karate red? well, in karate you fight people, which usually corresponds with blood, which is the color red. For example, my dad got blood on his karate uniform from a regular practice on more than one occasion. So red represents blood.

In conclusion, those are the three aspects of my life that can be represented by the color red. There is boy scouts, which is red because of our troop’s neckties. Next, there is Rugby, which can be represented by red from our red SLO jerseys. And Finally, Karate, which is red because of the blood from fighting.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

The End

Ah, the final chapter of the giver. In this chapter, everything that happens seems kinda faded and mysterious, or at least for me. In this chapter, Jonas comes to a hill that is covered in snow, and struggles to climb up. Somewhere in the middle, he becomes super happy for some reason, maybe due to the fact that he sees a sled and recognizes it from his first memory, or because (as he said) he remembers all his friends that he loves back at the community, but anyways he jumps on a sled from the first memory he received, and the sled brings him down the hill where people are having christmas, which then follows with the terribly unsatisfying ending of the giver. Im thinking, WHAT? what happens now? why and how are there people outside of these communities? How is Jonas experiencing a memory that was HUNDREDS of years back? How is the giver doing back in the community? was HE released, or are the people slowly getting these agonizing memories and he's helping them? A slick underhand way to get you to read the next book, my guess. Yet, it was terribly effective.

P.S, Sorry mr coward for not following the three sentence format. I wanted to do something extra for the last Entry.

The Fading

In chapter 20 and 21 of the book, the giver, Jonas's plan goes wrong and finds out that Gabrielle is going to be released, So he grabs Gabrielle and heads off towards elsewhere, where on his way there he is confronted with search planes, hunger, little and eventually no civilization, wildlife, and more. I was about how sameness kinda just faded off and became not as intense, and Not like a force field like I previously imagined it. I also was wondering- Did Gabrielle instantly see colors now that sameness was gone,  or did color just fade in, like it seemed to do with everything else?

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Plan

In chapter 20 of the book, the giver, Jonas starts off in utter emotional pain from seeing his dad kill a baby, so the giver shares with him the idea of having Jonas run away from all the communities so that all his memories would go back to the people and the giver would help them with their memories like he did with Jonas. I wonder if the memories are duplicated, so that each person gets all of Jonas's memories, or that they would be split up or weak. I also wonder why don't the memories just stay with Jonas even if he does move away?

Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Murder

Today in Chapter 19, the reader is shocked to see that a release is actually a procedure which they poison you and kills you, and Jonas watched his father do that to a baby, and that when rosemary applied for release she injected herself. I thought it was sickening and terrible that when the baby died, it jerked around and squirmed before going limp, which was a much more horrific image than it just fading away. And, what happens if that chute full of dead bodies fills up?

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Rose

Today in chapter 17 and 18, Jonas has a holiday and walks in on his friends playing war, and he feels a sudden surge of feelings associated with this game and the memory of warfare, and the next day he talks to the giver about the previous receiver named rosemary, and how she applied for release and when she was released the memories came back to the people. i wonder how the memories come back to the people instead of just going with her, like our society. And also, does Rosemary lose all those memories too?